Happy Anniversary to Social Bridge!!

Happy 1st anniversary

It’s been a whole year since we were founded👏

Time flies and it’s been exactly one year since we registered the company. I didn’t think that there was COVID-19 before we founded the company. But if I was planning to work for SoftBank for 10 years, COVID-19 came along and I was too scared to start my own business. I’m glad I took the plunge and quit last year because I don’t think. If I had another year left by now, I could exercise the stock option granted to me when SoftBank Corp. went public. I gave up that right and this past year has been a really valuable new page in my life. It was time to start writing. What I threw away was big, but what I got was even bigger 😁👍

When I look back on what has happened in the past year, there is no words what happened to me. The people ordered to us in our first year. Those who have been with us for a long time. And our seniors and friends who have introduced us to their customers. And the team who face those customers together. My wife who got married early in the business and supports me.

We held a management camp at the beginning of the year to create a vision for the company.
Creating a bridge that transcends racial borders.
We will create a society where people can provide and enjoy services regardless of race and borders.
We bring professionals to the next level.
Our clients have a main business domain. We make a next stepo for them by bridging to new market. Helping you to overcome challenges with business development, sales and marketing, as well as IT and healthcare technology.

We are currently engaged in three businesses
Business development agency business
 Hands-on support from research to execution
IT consulting business
 Outsourced management of information systems department, remote work support, website, website development, Zoom Introduction Support
Health care business is a highly acclaimed start-up challenge for the ministry.
 Helping sportsmen pursue yet unseen possibilities with a focus on genetic testing

I quit to send foreign engineer to Japan because I was too busy with planning. This is the first stumbling block. Although there is a need in the world, it is useless in the field which I don’t have any expertise, so I had to leave here has backed off. We’re looking for people who can work with us on the following initiatives.

We’re looking for people who can join us in the following initiatives, we’re looking for people who can work with us on the following initiatives
Fitness clubs that want to provide services using genetic testing and nutrition and sleep programs. If you want to offer it, or run a salon or other business, you can do so.
I’ve mastered my business! Lots of people in my industry are my students! For those who want to further program and teach who want to program and teach even more
for executives and business people who want to engage in meditation.
Those who want to switch from credit card payment to company bank account debit for Zoom (more than 5 IDs) 📸💻
Professional athletes and team management!

I will continue to work hard in the second year with my friends 😁.