B Corps: Navigating the Divide Between Triumph and Setback

Successful Companies


Environmentally conscious products

Patagonia utilizes recycled materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes to minimize the environmental impact of its products. Sustainable business model: The company maintains a strong commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility, establishing a business model focused on sustainability.

Customer empathy

Patagonia’s commitment to the environment fosters strong connections with customers, creating a community that shares its unique values.

Ben & Jerry’s

Integration of social mission and business:

Ben & Jerry’s incorporates commitments to social justice and environmental protection into its business, using its corporate activities to drive social change.

Customer support

The brand’s optimistic and socially responsible stance earns high support from consumers, fueling its growth.


Support for small-scale producers

Etsy provides a platform where individual creators and small-scale producers can easily sell their products, aiding many artists and craftsmen in expanding their businesses.

Promotion of sustainable consumption

The brand encourages sustainable consumption practices such as handmade and recycled products, growing as part of that community.

Struggling Companies

Social Innovation Company

Uncertainty in business model: Companies aiming for social missions or environmental goals may find it challenging to build a profitable business model while achieving their social objectives.


Technical challenges

Issues related to the adoption of new technology and lack of appropriate strategies to compete with rival companies posed obstacles to business growth.

Better Place

Technical issues and market acceptance

Faced technical challenges with its electric vehicle battery swap system, along with consumer acceptance issues. Lack of proper strategies to establish a unique position in the market also affected its growth.