We had updated our corporate Vision, Mission, Value.

Last weekend we had an off-site meeting with our management team ( two of us) to discuss Vision, Mission, and Value.

Time, flies. It’s been nine months since we founded the company. It will be one year, three and five years in no time.

Thanks to all of people’s help and support, there are many opportunities to get a job because of the introduction, and it is full of gratitude that there are many people who can associate even if I’ve already left SoftBank.

We talked about what kind of future (Vision), what means (Mission), and what we value (Value) for that purpose. We usually talk about our customer’s issues in meetings, but we talked about society and ourselves.

Vision: Creating connections across races and borders (no change)

Mission: Become an accelerator for Japan Entry companies (Before: Become a bridge to society)

Value (newly formulated this time)
・ Flexible Change
・ Honest Action
・ Challenge Challenge Challenge

Vision: Creating connections across races and borders
He talked thoroughly about his vision, but concluded that there was no change.
Our vision remains unchanged, as we do not change our founding spirit and the society we want to aim for.

Mission: Become an accelerator for Japan Entry companies
At this time, the mission is all about doing what it can to make a contribution to solving social problems and smiling as a bridge between people and technology through business development and sales support, training, dispatching and training engineers. Was. After that, the level of abstraction was further increased, and it was set as “a bridge to society”. But this was too abstract. Therefore, as a result, with concreteness and abstraction like
The mission was “Become an accelerator for Japan Entry companies.”

Until now, no value has been set. However, it was set because it would affect the number of colleagues that would increase in the future, because it would be desirable to have a common protocol and values.
・ Flexible Change
In order to create connections that cross racial borders, it is important to flexibly change values, such as the values ​​that have been established so far and those that have been set once.
・ Honest Action
も の It’s tempting to say things that are bothering and cool, but working daily is limited to working straightforwardly.
・ Challenge Challenge Challenge
Not to mention the challenge. If this country was already a multi-ethnic state like the United States and Singapore, I might not even have started a business. Only seemingly difficult visions have challenges.

We are looking for friends who want to work with us like this ♪ If you are interested, please contact us and comment!